Local Government Training


Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training


For Mayors, Councillors and Aldermen

For Council Executive Management and Staff


Spruikit has been delivering public speaking and presentation skills training since 2005, and has worked with local government extensively since 2009.

Spruikit has trained hundreds of elected members, council staff and council executive management from dozens of councils.

During this time we've got to know the kinds of speaking and presenting challenges that elected members, staff and executive management often face.

Spruikit offers an informative, interactive and highly participative workshop. Ours is a comprehensive training program (not just an afternoon one-way webinar). You'll not only discover how best to develop and deliver an effective speech or presentation – but we’ll give you the opportunity to practise your new skills as well!

Spruikit Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training helps participants to:

  • Overcome speaking fears and gain confidence
  • Better understand their audience
  • Develop their message
  • Articulate their point-of-view
  • Use their voice more effectively
  • Handle questions with authority and clarity
  • Use visual aids appropriately
  • Look the part
  • Interact with video conferencing technologies

Next Steps

Create a group! Decide whether you want to train online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams (usually over three comfortable two-hour sessions) – or face-to-face (one full day) at your Council’s offices.

Contact us and we’ll organise a quote for your group and agree workshop timing. 


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What do Councillors think of Spruikit Presentation Skills Training?

“Professionally run, good engagement with group by presenters.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Incredibly practical and wonderful tools to implement. Took us out of our comfort zone, but empowered us first so we felt excited and energised about the challenge.”

“You ran a really good balance between getting on with it and allowing us questions and catch up – perfect presentation! You both gave and set a great example of what to strive for.”

“The course was really practical, and my time was well invested.”

“I found the training thorough, well presented and thought provoking.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. I gained so much from participation. The other participants contributed to its success. BUT all the presenters were the best presenters I have ever had. Engaging, knowledgeable, relevant. Thank you.”

“An excellent workshop. Well prepared – you walk the talk – very credible and knowledgeable experts. Thank you – have reinvigorated me and given me confidence to present with passion.”

“I found this PD one of the best I have participated in. The fact that we were forced to face our fears and present in front of strangers with little or no time to prepare was very useful. The critiquing was very useful and at no time was it negative. I was presenting in the Council Chamber last week and spoke slower and more clearly and found it was a much more pleasant experience. Thanks.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the way it was presented. The nature of the subject meant that we were not only able to glean a lot from the theory and various techniques presented to us, but also from the way both David and Marianne conveyed the information to us. It was, in effect, providing us with a continuous practical example of everything that was being taught.”

“Loved the course. Couldn’t have asked for better trainers.”

“Very useful course. Excellent support materials. V. good presenter.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course particularly the presenters (Marianne and David) have articulated this program very well. I will definitely walk out and feel a lot more confident and look forward to use this experience as a councillor. I will also look forward to repeat this program in the future.”

“Fabulous workshop. Loved it.”